Director: Houchang Allahyari
Feature film | A | 2014
102 min | Dolby 5.1

48th Hof International Film Festival

One morning the police storms into the house where Karl lives with his widowed mother. Whatever he is accused of, no one understands what actually happened, not even Karl. Apathetic, he allows himself to be arrested. During the pre-trial detention, Karl, otherwise quiet and well-mannered, becomes aggressive but otherwise remains silent about the supposed criminal offense. At the trial, he is chargee with a sex offense.

Flashback: Karl Streiner completes his community service at a hospital in Vienna, in the geriatric ward. There he meets Julia Ecker, a patient who has been placed under disability, is depressed and in complete subjection to her environment. Her only pleasure in life his pestering the staff. Karl is impressed by her humor and her power of resistance. Despite some initial hostility, they become friends and accomplices against the head nurse. The only thing that interests Karl now is his life in the hospital. He even neglects his own girlfriend.

Despite his conflicting emotions – on the one hand age, sickness and death, on the other his feelings towards the old lady – he stands up for Julia, even with physical affection, until one evening the head nurse opens the door and turns on the lights …