Director: Jana Bürgelin
Documentary  | D | 2013
62 min

47th Hof International Film Festival

The episodic documentary portrays six young girls on the brink of adulthood. On a superficial level, they all live in completely different worlds but, upon closer inspection, they lead parallel lives. And they all have one thing in common: Already at the age of 12, their minds revolve around one thing only: Boys, boys, boys.

Marzahn, Hellersdorf, Berlin. High-rise buildings as far as the eye can see. Children play amongst the concrete with no parents in sight. This is the cosmos Leonie and Olivia live in. They are inseparable, yet constantly in conflict. They dance hip hop, love bubble tea, nail polish and talking about their experiences with boys and what they want their first time to be like.

A middle-class suburb in the middle of Bavaria. Lisa and Lena are growing up in a very protected environment. They are ambitious, go to synchronized swimming training every day and spend a lot of time on their looks. Lisa is already dating her third boyfriend whom she is totally in love with, while Lena is still inexperienced and wishes for nothing more than to soon meet her Mr. Right.

Deep in the black forest, Alina and Celine are growing up close to nature and far away from the big city. They are members of a local folklore society and are obsessed with Justin Bieber and actors in teen magazines. Alina can hardly wait to experience her first kiss with her boyfriend Pascal. Celine prefers being single and enjoys her sense of freedom.