6th Hof International Film Festival 1972
7th Hof International Film Festival 1973
8th Hof International Film Festival 1974
9th Hof International Film Festival 1975
10th Hof International Film Festival 1976

The festivals 06-10

1972 to 1976

06 / 1972

“One half of the program is made up of premieres of short and feature-length films, the other half of important films from other festivals such as the Quinzaine des Realisateurs in Cannes, the International Forum of Young Films, Berlin, the Festival San Remo, the Internationale Filmwoche Mannheim and Venice 1972.”

“The event was pretty international.”

Festival films

  • 1972 - The young cinema edges into the program in feature length.

07 / 1973

“For the seventh time, films will be screened in Hof that otherwise would never be seen in the local theaters. Which exemplifies the festival’s dual purpose: to close an existing cultural gap and also to show films that even beyond Hof are hardly known or just from newspaper reports.”

“To show five films that are really good is quite a lot.”

Festival films

08 / 1974

“To find five films that are really good was not difficult in Hof in 1974. What we as yet are lacking are audiences.”

Festival films

  • 1975 - Eduardo Duran and Zita Duarte in ES HERRSCHT RUHE IM LAND ("All quiet in the country") by Peter Lilienthal

09 / 1975

“Despite meagre funds, the Hof International Film Festival did their very best to put together a program that’s anything but meagre.”

“Boredom’s a no go.”

Festival films

10 / 1976

“The Hof IFF is a provincial festival that takes place out in the sticks and is of national and international stature.”

“What was shown on the screens was the other cinema, the anti cinema, the political cinema, the literary cinema, the hobby cinema, the fun cinema, the music film etc.”

Festival films

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