31st Hof International Film Festival 1997
32nd Hof International Film Festival 1998
33rd Hof International Film Festival 1999
34th Hof International Film Festival 2000
35th Hof International Film Festival 2001

The Festivals 31-35

1997 to 2001

31 / 1997

“I don’t even think about Hof in March. But then it starts: the phone rings, it’s a director. He’s just starting to shoot a new film and it could be finished by Hof. ‘But I have to see it first’ is all I can say …”

“The main focus is on German film in all its diversity – from WINTERSLEEPERS to THE END OF VIOLENCE, from MADE IN GERMANY to 120 DAYS OF BOTTROP.”

“I would particularly like to welcome Bill Bennet, who will be coming to Hof to present his eight films in a retrospective.”

Festival films

32 / 1998

“Hof as a launching pad for talents who later become prominent names in German cinema: a tendency not only true for feature films, but also for short films.”

“Years ago, yet unknown directors like Sönke Wortmann, Hans-Christian Schmid, Detlev Buck or Caroline Link attracted attention in Hof with their first short films and won the Eastman Award, which was initiated by Kodak. This year, the prize is being presented for the 15th time and I would like to thank Kodak for their commitment to the promotion of talent.”

Festival films

33 / 1999

“In addition to the films, Hof’s second passion takes to the limelight. In four films, it’s all about the ball: in the German entries FUSSBALL IST UNSER LEBEN (Soccer is our life) and DER BALL IST EIN SAUHUND (The Ball is a Bitch), in the Austrian production FRANKREICH, WIR KOMMEN! (France, here we come!), and in 6:3 from Hungary.”

“That is of course not true. As always, the films – and in particular the German films – are the main focus. The films present themselves with suspense, humor and emotions.”

Festival films

34 / 2000

“This year many debut features are presented which were made for the cinema and not (just) for television. A vote of confidence from the film funders for young directing talent? In the past years, television was often the only opportunity for directors to have their screenplays made.”

“For Hof that was not a criterion, as it is all about the directors.”

Festival films

35 / 2001

“Our special attention is of course still given to the new productions from Europe and abroad. As always, there will be a lot of suspense, fun and moving moments on the big screen. We welcome old friends like Paul Cox, but also many guests who will be in Hof for the first time, like Peter Cattaneo, Mike Figgis and Joel Hopkins.”

“In place of the regular retrospective, we are showing the entire series DENK’ ICH AN DEUTSCHLAND (“When I think of Germany”), in which five directors, each in his own manner, come to terms with Germany: Fatih Akin, Leander Haußmann, Klaus Lemke, Peter Lilienthal, Peter Patzak.”

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