26th Hof International Film Festival 1992
27th Hof International Film Festival 1993
28th Hof International Film Festival 1994
29th Hof International Film Festival 1995
30th Hof International Film Festival 1996

The Festivals 26-30

1992 to 1996

26 / 1992

“I viewed some 450 films to put together the present program. Of course the expectations are high, but the films can stand up to that, even though the German film is always subject to particular scrutiny. (Why is that?)”

“This year’s restrospective is dedicated to Alex Cox, who advanced to become a cult director with his first film REPRO MAN.”

Festival films

27 / 1993

“I am very much looking forward to welcoming one of the most significant European directors to Hof this year. Hof will be presenting Mike Leigh’s entire works.”

“And the German film? There are 24 films, including six documentaries, present in Hof this year. From Percy Adlon to Maria-Theresia Wagner. The drive to making cinema is unbroken. Stories are being told again, let yourself be surprised.”

Festival films

28 / 1994

“Since more and more films are international co-productions, it is no longer necessary to name the individual production countries. The name of the director, the filmmaker, serves as point of reference, and not just for the quality of the films.”

“I would like to name two directors; their films will surely shape the cinema of the future: Peter Jackson from New Zealand and Tim Burton from the USA. The retrospective of the 1994 Hof film festival is dedicated to these two young directors.”

Festival films

29 / 1995

“As chance would have it, I have several contributions to the festival which reference the 100th birthday of cinema: The films of Albert and David Maysles, who began with their work some 30 years ago.”

“The Maysles brothers can certainly be considered the pioneers of so-called ‘Direct Cinema’ – the counterpart to the French ‘Cinéma Vérité’. I am very happy that Albert Maysles is coming to Hof to present and comment on his very own self-selected stations of his film work.”

Festival films

30 / 1996

“Even in our 30th year, we do not want to celebrate ourselves, but want to present the latest film productions we like. That TV productions are included here is no surprise, for with the support of television, directors can shoot their films much quicker than going through the often lengthy processes of the film funding institutions.”

“I would particulary like to welcome this year Clara Law and Eddie L.C. Fong from Hong Kong / Melbourne, to whom this year’s retrospective is dedicated.”

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