46th Hof International Film Festival 2012
47th Hof International Film Festival 2013
48th Hof International Film Festival 2014
49th Hof International Film Festival 2015
50th Hof International Film Festival 2016

The festivals 46-50

2012 to 2016

46 / 2012

“Exciting, cheeky and sexy is how the films of this year’s Hof program can be described. Subjects like the family, relationship problems, the working world and sexuality surface not only in the German films, but are also the focus of the international productions.”

“It’s all about LIFE in general.”

“The focus of the festival is on Rosa von Praunheim, who, on the occasion of his 70th birthday, will be presenting 70 new films under the title ROSA’S WORLD in Hof. His works, which captivate with his vivid, sensitive and ingenious signature, provide insight into the ‘normal’ or even ‘completely different’ lives of all kinds of people, delivering subjective and authentic images of life.”

Festival films

47 / 2013

“In 1982 Kathryn Bigelow presented her first feature film in Hof, THE LOVELESS, which she shot together with Monty Montgomery. Amos Poe came to Hof in 1984 with ALPHABET CITY, Jim Jarmusch has been represented at the festival with seven films, and Eric Mitchell was not only present as the director of three feature films, but was also in many films as an actor, for example in Robert Frank’s CANDY MOUNTAIN (Hof 1987).

What do all of these names have to do with this year’s festival? Michael Oblowitz is coming to Hof! The retrospective is dedicated to him, and not only is he friends with all of these directors, many of them have also worked with him on his films.”

Festival films

48 / 2014

“The program of this year’s Hof film festival presents a strong connection to current and political topics. Starting with the opening film, WE ARE YOUNG. WE ARE STRONG., which deals with the xenophobic riots at the Sonnenblumenhaus in Rostock-Lichtenhagen in 1992.”

“Another important complex of topics which emerges is the problems in the Arabic world. In this context, Eran Riklis should be mentioned, whose films deal with the Israeli-Palestine conflict and are the topic of this year’s retrospective.”

Festival films

49 / 2015

“Presenting new German talent was a task of the Hof film festival from the very beginning. At the end of the 60s it was Herzog, Fassbinder or Wenders, this year it is Constantin Hatz, Thomas Stuber, Ekrem Ergün, Mia Maariel Meyer or Daniel Carsenty who are presenting their first feature films.”

“And there is another novelty this year: In addition to the German Cinema New Talent Award for features, there is now the documentary film prize Granit, called into life by the Hermann and Bertl Müller Foundation.”

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50 / 2016

“The Home of Films is turning 50. And the Heinz of Films, who led the festival and turned it 49 times in a row into a cinematic journey, one which really expanded our cinematic awareness, can’t be at the birthday party, because his own memorial service – unexpectedly, unbelievably, unbearably – preceded it.”

“But it will still take place as he wanted it. And maybe even a little bit differently. From 2016 on and in memory of Heinz Badewitz, there will be an annual Newcomer Director’s Award for debut films to honor and support young German filmmaking talent.”

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