56th Hof International Film Festival 2022
57th Hof International Film Festival 2023
58th Hof International Film Festival 2024
59th Hof International Film Festival 2025
60th Hof International Film Festival 2026

Festivals 56-60

2022 to 2026

56 / 2022

“The great family festival of cinema: full auditoria, happy faces and many emotional moments. The motto “Society – Change as Opportunity”, is illustrated by the multifaceted program with its 75 features and documentaries, and 51 short films. In particular, there were themes from the current crisis areas of the world.”

“Personal encounters are important, direct exchanges send important signals. Those were sent in particular by the Iranian director Donya Madani and Mariia Shevchenko from the Ukraine. Two strong women who impressed us with their courage, demonstrating what cinema can achieve. They are role models in their commitment to freedom for women and all people who are persecuted and oppressed. We are always strongest together!”

Festival films

57 / 2023

“We are in turbulent times. That makes it all the more important to come together. Get out of the bubble and into the cinema. Just let yourselves go, because: Cinema is the only addiction worth living.”

“HoF is again our power bank on all channels. After all, it gives you the energy to embrace the world even more tightly. Thanks to all who help with us.”

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