51st Hof International Film Festival 2017
52nd Hof International Film Festival 2018
53rd Hof International Film Festival 2019
54th Hof International Film Festival 2020
55th Hof International Film Festival

The Festivals 51-55

2017 to 2021

51 / 2017

“Hof is and remains the festival of new discoveries. And these include impressive topics relevant to our everyday lives, current political tales, and stories about strong women.”

“And for those interested in further aspects of the film industry, the HoF PLUS program this year has a lot to offer. Club Talks with directors as well as panels and presentations focus on current topics which will be hotly discussed.”

Festival films

52 / 2018

“The lights in the cinema go out, the excitement rises, the adventure begins: laughing together, crying together, being afraid together, being amazed together. The big screen fascinates us, especially during the next 6 days at the Home of Films.”

“Urgent issues such as exclusion, integration and being different are highlighted in a variety of ways, challenging us viewers and opening up new perspectives.”

Festival films

53 / 2019

“What will move us in the cinema over the next few days? Political fates, retrospectives of a divided Germany, modern family relationships, special criminals, and challenging love affairs. We’ll meet new and old friends for a lively exchange.”

“For the first time at the HoFPLUS event 7 MINUTE Speed Pitch, film projects will be presented to industry representatives. In further discussions we will look for constructive solutions for cinema in the digital age and exchange views on (survival) life models according to the FIRST STEPS in the industry. Another panel will arouse curiosity about the regional film scene.”

Festival films

54 / 2020

“HoF goes Double Feature! The 54th Hof International Film Festival will take place as a dual model: it is the first festival in Germany that shows all films in the cinema in accordance with the applicable hygiene regulations, and on demand via an on demand platform. Further events like the industry format HoF PLUS and the own late-night-show GastHoF will be presented as an interactive online format.”

Festival films

55 / 2021

“You can see the latest cinematic treats from all over the world as well as a tribute to the wonderful actor and festival companion Joachim Król. In addition to filmmaker Matthias Ditscherlein’s cinema bus, there will be film discussions at the Bürgergesellschaft and the Galeriehaus, the traditional soccer match, and the world premiere of Asteris Kutulas’ liquid staging project ELECTRA 21. For those of you who are not present in Hof for this tour, almost all our films are available on demand at the online festival plus7streamdays.”

Festival films

Home of films
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