Director: Uli Kick
Documentary | D | 2014
92 min | Dolby 5.1

48th Hof International Film Festival

Eight young men meet up every Monday at six. Anyone who is absent more than once ends up in jail. No mercy. They are between 17 and 22 and are here on court order. They have all committed brutal crimes and seriously injured others, even kicking people in the head. Most of them are repeat offenders.

Their last chance to avoid a term in prison is this anger management course. Initially, this is their only motivation to actually show up. They all have more than one excuse why things happened the way they did, and it wasn’t that bad anyway, was it? Nothing seems more upsetting to them than confronting themselves and their actions. But little by little the group becomes a mirror – for they all are experts in detecting others’ weaknesses.

This painful process lasts almost a year: highly emotional group sessions, targeted provocations, confrontations with the injuries of victims of violent acts, borderline experiences in spiraling heights and crashes into their own, often wounded, souls – it’s pure psycho drama.