Director: Constantin Hatz
Documentary | Germany | 2022
95 min | Dolby 5.1

57th Hof International Film Festival

In 2015, the director’s best friend took his own life. This person, who never really settled into his new home after fleeing the Yugoslavian war as a child, for years made notes contemplating his existence. These notes contain a self-reflection on his life, which was shaped by war and escape. Following his death, a text was created from the extensive writings he left behind, and this forms the documentary foundation of the film.

Supported by an ensemble of six non-actors and actors, Constantin Hatz turns his best friend’s thoughts into a cinematic plot with five episodes. The choice of characters and locations is based on five essential stages of his life. A truck driver, two guests in a workers’ housing, a lumberjack, a nurse, and a theater actress deliver the monologue in the first person. These characters tell a life story that isn’t their own, but has been lived by someone else, bringing the director’s lost friend back into existence.

With Amanda Babaei Vieira, Jakub Sierenberg, Mariam Avaliani, Peter Marty, Robert Kuchenbuch, Sabine Hatz

Screenplay Constantin Hatz, Cinematography Moritz Moessinger, Editing Marco Rottig, Set design Paul Putzier, Lara Scherpinski, Costume design Lara Scherpinski, Sound Johann Meis, Paul Powaljaew TV Commissioning Editor Lucia Haslauer, Executive Production Janina Sara Hennemann, Production Janina Sara Hennemann, Matthias Greving, Kirsten Lukaczik