Director: Maria Schrader
Feature film | Germany | 2007
114 min | Dolby 5.1

57th Hof International Film Festival
Retrospective Maria Schrader

Jara seems to have everything: she is happily married, has ideal prospects for a university career, lives in a nice flat and is able to rely on her family who stick together despite the odd difficulty. But when she meets Arie, her father’s friend who is far older than her, this perfect world is thrown completely off kilter: she falls for his fascinating erotic, contradictory attractions. Curious and hungry for life, she launches herself into the whirlpool of an amour fou that breaches every dam of her previous existence. In the process, she realises that her parens are guarding a secret to which Arie is the key, but also that no love, no man alone should determine her life….

With Arie Moskona, Ishai Golan, Netta Gart, Rade Sherbedgia, Stephen Singer, Tovah Feldshuh

Screenplay Maria Schrader, Laila Stieler, Cinematography Benedict Neuenfels, Editing Antje Zynga, Production design Christian M. Goldbeck, Costume design Lucie Bates, Casting Ester Kling, Sound Yochay Moshe, Music Niki Reiser, Make-up Heike Merker, Co-Production Marek Rozenbaum, Production Stefan Arndt