Director: Laurens Pérol
Feature film | Germany, Norway | 2023
79 min | Dolby 5.1

57th Hof International Film Festival

Trine refuses to fly. When the 18-year-old climate activist and trumpet talent is invited to an audition at the famous Opera House in Oslo, she has just a few days to travel the over 1500 kilometers from the remote Lofoten islands to the capital. Trying to stay true to her principles, Trine decides to hitchhike, relying on the kindness of strangers who will pick her up. On her road trip through Norway’s rugged and beautiful landscapes, her passion for music and her environmental idealism are put sorely to the test.

With Eva/Elodie/Ola/Sebastian Bühler, Kornelia Melsæter, Mari Røttereng

Screenplay Laurens Pérol, Cinematography Henrik Lande Andersen, Editing Laurens Pérol, Sylvia Ingemarsdotter, Production design Sunniva Sæterreng, Rebekka Christophersen, Set design Sunniva Sæterreng, Rebekka Christophersen, Costume design Sunniva Sæterreng, Rebekka Christophersen, Casting Laurens Pérol, Kathrin Vorderwühlbecke, Sound Arjun Acharya, Holger Braack, Sound Design Denis Séchaud (Masé Studios), Rune Hansen (Aurora Films), Music Kim Uglum Reenskaug (Wow Sailor), Make-up Sunniva Sæterreng, Rebekka Christophersen, Production Laurens Pérol, Merete Korsberg