Director: Samir
Feature film | CH | 2005
113 min | Dolby 5.1

53rd Hof International Film Festival

20-year-old Nico lives to party. She comes from an affluent neighborhood on Zurich’s Gold coast and since finishing high school she’s been taking things easy, living life day by day and focusing, above all, on herself. Her relationship with her parents is practically non-existent. Her father strives to make a name for himself, earns lots of money as a banker, and is hardly ever at home. Her mother lives alone and struggles to get a grip on life. Nico spends most of her time in the local club with her best friend Wanda. Nico is able to afford her extravagant life-style by maintaining an affair with the club’s owner, Boris. Wanda, on the other hand, couldn’t be more different than Nico, stemming, as she does, from a lower working-class background. Wanda is determined, however, to take advantage of her youthful good looks and make as much money as possible. Nico is intelligent enough to see through her own superficial lifestyle, but too indecisive and unsure as to how to change it.

One evening in Boris’ club, she meets Paco, the lead singer of a Geneva-based hip hop band. The son of Spanish immigrants, Paco is critical of his own success, aware that his songs are being played in supermarkets and that no one really listens to or understands his lyrics. The gig at the club ends in a catastrophe between himself, Boris and the concert-goers. Fascinated by Paco’s desire for provocation, Nico approaches him and the two get closer and fall in love. Nico is impressed by Paco and begins to transfer his rebellion into her own world with tremendous energy …