Directors: Jonas Grosch and Carlos Val
Feature film | D | 2014
83 min | Dolby Ste

48th Hof International Film Festival

“You can’t pretend to be honey if what you really are is a sausage!” That’s how osteopath Dominique felicitously describes his long-term patient Susi Q’s problem. As a freelance journalist, 30-something Susi Q. travels the world with her best friend, Mark, publishing their experiences in her blog. They live from hand to mouth, the way is the goal, and there’s no tomorrow anyway.

But when Mark meets Vivian, things change dramatically. He settles down and suddenly doesn’t have time for Susi Q. Their common passions like self-determined journalism, travelling, wild parties, pretty women and endless discussions about the meaning of life are suddenly over.

But Susi Q. is not to be fobbed off that easily. She pulls out all the stops to get her best friend back and even involves single father Steffen, whom she always considered a boring square, and his cheeky daughter Marie Lou.