Director: Alexander Riedel
Documentary | D | 2015
93 min | Dolby 5.1

49th Hof International Film Festival

The documentary series consists of 18 fast-paced short films which follow the lives of five students over the course of a year.

Elena has to master her studies of Earth Sciences with a baby. She’s just 19 and became a mother more or less accidentally. She would like to move in with the child’s father, Georg, but their relationship is going through a crisis and Physics, Chemistry and the miscibility gap are demanding her full concentration. Pratheek was born in India and tries to realize his dream of having his own bar while studying Economics on the side. He studies in Augsburg, but the real center of his life is in Munich with his friends and the bar. Constantly on the lookout for credit points, he becomes a master of effective studying. Veronica, an Israeli born in Moldavia, has a lot of things to juggle in her life, too. She studies wherever she can, time is of the essence as she has to spend most of her spare time on her modeling job in order to finance her studies. Her fellow student Fabienne is from Bingen in North Rhine-Westphalia and decided to study Medicine in Munich. She is the only one of her group of friends who had the courage to move that far away from home. Luca studies Art Education and spends most of his time in the studio, trying to find his own style. He also hosts radio shows and fights for a better world.

All five of them have different desires and qualifications, but they have one thing in common: they are all starting over.