Director: Larry Clark
Feature film | United States | 1995
91 min | Dolby Digital

57th Hof International Film Festival
|8|16|35| – HoF Classics on Film

16-year-old Telly and his best friend, Casper, live in New York where they spend most of their time on the streets. They skateboard in the park, hang out at friends’ places, take drugs, drink alcohol and steal things for fun. But Telly’s favourite hobby is deflowering girls. This has the same effect as a drug for him, and he usually manages to persuade his reluctant victim – only to go straight after the next one.

His latest passion is 13-year-old Darcy: he manages to persuade her to go to a private party with him after a nighttime swim in a closed-off pool with his gang. Darcy’s predecessor, Jennie, was Telly’s most recent conquest. When she accompanies her more experienced friend Ruby to an HIV test and has one done as well, she learns that it is not Ruby but she herself who has AIDS. Only Telly could have infected her, because he is the only guy she has had.

With Adriane Brown, Billy Valdes, Billy Waldeman, Javier Nunez, Johnathan Staci Kim, Joseph Chan, Justin Pierce, Leo Fitzpatrick, Sajan Bhagat, Sarah Henderson

Screenplay Harmony Korine, Cinematography Eric Alan Edwards, Editing Christopher Tellefsen, Music Lou Barlow, John Davis, Production Cary Woods