Director: Fabian Möhrke
Feature film  | D | 2013
83 min

47th Hof International Film Festival

Do you play the lottery? If so, why? What do you expect from it? Do you know what you would do with 22 million euros in winnings? Would you accept the money? Who would you who would you not tell about it? Would you share it? If so, how much? And why that amount and not more? How would you explain your new car to your friends, neighbors, colleagues? And that you are going away on holiday yet again? Where did you get the money for it? Would you quit your job and move somewhere where no one knows who you are? How would you look back on your previous life? With melancholy, with pride, with scorn? Would you congratulate someone who won 22 million euros in the lottery?

Torsten, in his late 30s, didn’t really expect anything from his lottery ticket. His lottery-obsessed colleagues gave it to him as a present. To keep up the good spirits, he plays along. But when of all people it’s him who cracks the jackpot, he is confronted with what to do with the winnings. And he realizes that he is the only person who doesn’t have an answer to this question. His wife Susanne already knows what she wants to do with the new wealth. And his son Lutz is also already planning for the future …

The shock wave of this lottery bomb tears Torsten’s life to pieces and leaves him with the question of who he really is.