Director: Henrik Peschel
Feature film  | D | 2013
82 min

47th Hof International Film Festival

Facing death, terminally ill Parvis Karimpour wants to reconcile with his daughter Nasrin. He and a group of immigrants arrive in Spain. He makes his way to Madrid where he believes his only child, who fled from Iran years ago, may now live.

Finding shelter in a city which is battered by the economic crisis, Parvis meets two other struggling migrants. The Italian Fabrizio, a failed piano player, survives on odd cleaning jobs. Spoilt young German Almut, on the other hand, has followed her boyfriend to Madrid. Looking for a direction in life, she dreams of opening a jewelry shop.

The search for Nasrin becomes their common quest. Parvis regains hope, while his newfound optimism snaps Fabrizio and Almut out of their lethargy. Following a new clue, the three set off northwards in Almut’s car.