31st Hof International Film Festival 1997


31st Hof International Film Festival 1997

Director: Bruno Dumont
Feature film | F | 1997
96 min

31st Hof International Film Festival

Freddy lives with his mother in Bailleul. Having been treated for epileptic fits, he now spends most of his time vegetating with his pals. They’re not even twenty, rural, relatively uneducated, and already inveterate unemployed, hanging round all day long on their motorbikes.

Freddy has a girlfriend, the beautiful Marie who works as a checkout girl. They often make love at Fred’s home, but never go to Marie’s house. There, they stay out in front, for hours on end: he seated on his motorbike, Marie leaning against him, without saying anything, as if they were praying. Several times a day, Freddy and his pals go shopping in town and in the country side on their motorbikes, inventing tests of strength. On Sundays they go as far as Dunkirk for a swim.

Although Freddy’s not clever, he’s nice, a simple country boy. He often gives rise to pity, although one can sense developing in him an energy, a power in his look, his strange postures, his words, his attitudes … Through this chronicle a story emerges that slowly unfolds into a drama …