Director: Roger Corman
Feature film | United States | 1963
86 min | Mono

57th Hof International Film Festival
|8|16|35| – HoF Classics on Film

It is the 15th century, at a remote castle lost in the mist. Here, the once powerful wizard Dr. Erasmus Craven mourns the death of his beloved wife. Even his daughter Estelle can only console him occasionally. One evening, he is visited by a talking raven – none other than the bewitched magician Dr. Adolphus Bedlo. The latter has been turned into a bird by the powerful leader of the sorcerers’ association, Dr. Scarabus. The raven gives Craven instructions on how to make a magic potion and regains his human form by drinking it. In return, he reveals to Craven that his wife is not dead at all, but is being held prisoner in the great sorcerer Scarabus’s castle. Bedlo saw her there immediately before his transformation into a raven.

Together with Estelle and Bedlo’s son, Rexford, the two magicians set off to visit Scarabus. There, the three magicians meet and compete in a blazing duel.

With Aaron Saxon, Boris Karloff, Connie Wallace, Hazel Court, Jack Nicholson, Olive Sturgess, Peter Lorre, Vincent Price, William Baskin

Screenplay Richard Matheson, Cinematography Floyd Crosby, Editing Ronald Sinclair, Music Les Baxter, Production Roger Corman