Director: Eran Riklis
Feature film | IL/F/D | 2004
97 min | Dolby SRD

48th Hof International Film Festival

Mona’s wedding day is the saddest day in her life. Once she will have crossed the border between Israel and Syria to marry Syrian TV-star Tallel, she will never be allowed back to her family in Majdal Shams, a Druze village on the Golan Heights currently under Israeli control.

The story of Mona’s wedding day is a story about physical, mental and emotional borders and the will to cross them. A story about a family who tries to break down these borders and to cope with their lives. It centres around Mona’s sister, Amal, a modern young woman trapped in a culture and tradition she wants to break away from. Once a border has been crossed, there is no going back, and at the end of a long day all those who gathered on either side of the border find themselves facing an uncertain future, trapped in no-man’s land between Israel and Syria.