31st Hof International Film Festival 1997


31st Hof International Film Festival 1997

Director: Friedemann Fromm
Feature film | D | 1997
100 min

31st Hof International Film Festival

For Peter Gillitzer there’s only one thing in life – the local soccer club. When he inherits a run-down funeral service, he comes up with unusual PR measures and turns the venture into a financial success. But he’s not interested in getting rich, he only wants to buy the badly needed forward for his beloved team.

Through his business idea – turning the funerals into the last big event in a person’s life – he meets people whose lives are changed by a coffin: A clerk is intent on making it big just to please his wife and who nearly kills himself with his amateurish attempts at mobbing. A high-society woman one day suddenly leaves her family to lead a new life. As a therapist, she falls victim to her own good advice. A veteran janitor at a brewery, unbeknown to him, has all along been provoking his colleagues with his ascetic way of life. For his very last day at work they plan a devilish surprise. A lovestruck publican, out of luck in his suburban pub, tries to seduce a waitress with the help of a love potion and suddenly finds himself accused of being a convicted sexual murderer. Then he decides to live up to his reputation …